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LIN-433  has been released.

Too many remote controls complicate your life

Everytime you buy a new product, you get a new remote control.
By reducing the number of remote controls - and by making your products work together - even though they were never intended to.
We give you comfortable, easy, smart and automatic solutions.

We translate codes and combine your products

Our Signal Converters enable you to operate all of your products - with your favorable remote control.
We make your curtains go forth/back or up/down - we adjust the light level - we control your audio/video products
- your mediacenter - fireplace - elevation bed - alarm system - access control - etc.

A Bang&Olufsen remote control does it all for you
- even if you do not own any other B&O products

Many of our customers own a B&O remote control as the only B&O product in the house.
Our TT455-RT-238 will allow you to control all of your non-B&O products like for example
Apple, Lutron, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Yamaha, etc. etc. from a B&O remote.
Configuration of the B&O remote is not even required.

No programming or scripting required
No technical knowledge required

By mouse-click: Select the Trigger - Select the Action - Save and run.
All of our products are configured in exactly the same way.



Supported Brands
( new products added frequently )



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The best product
we ever made!

6'th generation
since 2003.

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